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4x4 Vans & More

Our success is built on many things, but one factor that stands out among them is the incredible number of applications where a 4WD Conversion is in demand!

The list goes on: Recreational 4x4 Vans, Motor Homes, Campers, Wheelchair Vans, Cargo Vans, Contractor Vans, Shuttles, Tour Buses, etc!


Perfect 4x4 Van Conversion

Most tasks can be done multiple ways, but with 4x4 Van Conversion, there is only one way to do it right: The QuadVan way. Northwest Quadvan continues to keep the service costs on a 4WD van almost as low as with an OEM 4x4 Truck! How do we do it?

100% Unaltered Factory Parts

Your 4x4 Van (fleet) can be serviced by any mechanic or repair facility that has access to factory Ford parts. We serve intelligent owners all over the world - they choose QuadVan for a reason.


Who We Serve:

Public Utilities
Emergency Departments
Commercial Shuttles
Private Contractors
Forestry Divisions
Delivery Companies
Scientific Teams
Weather Teams
School Districts