2021 Econoline: Still Relevant

The Ford Econoline van/wagon was discontinued in 2014, however, Ford continued to make updated “E-Series” cab and chassis for the specialty upfitter industry. Upfitters usually turn these into campers or utility vehicles.

Quadvan just got its hands on the brand new 2021 E-Series cutaway. This example was a 7.3L, push rod, gas with the new torqshift 6-speed, and the Dana 70 full float rear end. It’s being turned into a fully furnished camper for offroad expeditions.

Quadvan first started converting Econolines in 1997 and hasn’t stopped to this day. Though there are many changes in modern production E-Series cutaways, Quadvan has kept true to its quality in the conversion process. “Best in ride” still applies to these powerful Quadvan 4×4 vehicles.