Quadvan Wheelchair Vans

Wheelchair accessible vans offer optimal mobility and comfort for their users. Owning a Quadvan wheelchair van can give you a peace of mind, mobility, and freedom. All terrain, all season 4×4 means you can go wherever, whenever and not worry about getting stuck. Quadvan vehicles can help you travel under terrible conditions like horrible winter storms. You name how you need your Quadvan to help you and Quadvan will make it happen.

Every Quadvan, including 4×4 wheelchair vans, are given an improved suspension, a tighter turning radius, and a higher ground clearance. This means you can rest assured the mobility and maneuverability of your Quadvan wheelchair van will be outstanding. Quadvan also carries a long line of van accessories that can customize your rig’s performance and appearance.

The safety of wheelchair vans are concerns Quadvan takes very seriously. The 4×4 wheelchair vans give drivers and passengers a high level of safety. Quadvan conversions are recognized for being high quality as well as being the best engineered 4×4 van system available. Quadvan’s will hold up when you can’t afford to get stuck.

Quadvan understands the importance of serviceability. Quadvan uses more Factory Ford components than anyone else in the industry. This means your Quadvan wheelchair van will be easy to repair because replacement parts will be available through your local Ford dealership or any parts outlet that sells stock Ford parts.