Quadvan Campers

Touring the country and living on the go are two great experiences. This kind of lifestyle or vacation doesn’t usually involve just city to city touring, but also landscape to landscape crossing. The road less travelled can put up major resistance, requiring more from a vehicle.

Quadvan’s 4×4 campers are outfitted with larger brakes allowing you to tow additional, heavier cargo with confidence. It also counteracts the problems of long downhill runs on the average Econoline brake pad. Although 4×4 campers are smaller than Quadvan’s motorhomes, they still pack enough power to do the same job but on a smaller scale. Quadvan campers are all weather, all season vehicles just like their larger motorhome counterparts. However, because they are smaller, they’re more versatile and easier to maneuver, and that’s why they are so popular.

Quadvan’s campers will allow you to decide where the camping trail take you and where it ends. You’ll be able to navigate a Quadvan camper to any location you’d wish to make a camp site. Forget roads or trails and make your own.

“How stoked am I on my new Quadvan? Let me count the ways. So far we have gone 4-wheeling to three swimming holes with three kids and a wife; Climbed to 9,000 feet in the High Sierras, dragging a 3,000 pound off-road trailer (the only camper on Lost Lake); And spent three hours stuck on Interstate 5 in over 100° heat waiting for an accident to clear (Air-conditioning, DVD movies, kids playing on the tri-fold bed, and room for the cooler too). And I haven’t even gone surfing in Baja yet!” 

─Kevin Murphy; Hermosa Beach, California