Quadvan’s Work: A Short Story

Above and beyond is all that I have to say about John McKee and Quadvan. I purchased a used van, via the internet, and had it shipped to Quadvan for a 4×4 conversion. When the van arrived at the shop, it became apparent to John that the van was not suitable for the conversion due to non-disclosed rust issues (my bad for not having it third-party inspected prior to purchase). John called me, told me that I should sit down, then calmly explained how my dream van project was dead. Bummer. Big bummer. Long story longer, I ended up in court with the dealer who sold me the van. John and his staff provided photos of the damage and John even testified as to the actual condition of the van. All the while John stored the van. He also provided access and support while getting it sold as-is after the court provided its ruling.

The bottom line is this: John didn’t need to do any of this. Even though I know he is swamped with actual paying customers, he answered maybe a hundred phone calls, responded to a pile of texts, and answered every one of my emails. All that and he wasn’t making any money off of me. I was just a guy with a big problem that wasn’t his problem yet he helped me sort it out.

I did a lot of research prior to making the decision to send a van to Quadvan for a conversion. There are plenty of reviews talking about the quality of their engineering and great 4×4 systems. I believe Quadvan’s end product is great but the way John does business is even better. He called off a deal that would have made him a decent paycheck because it was a bad deal for me. Based on my interactions with John, I have to believe that that same integrity and commitment applies to every van he builds. Funny, I never actually met the man but I’ve become a fan and he has earned a customer for life. Of course, now I just have to find another van to send to Quadvan. This one will be the dream van.

-Todd Knipp, Quadvan Customer