About Quadvan

Where Quadvan Came From

The original designer of the Quadvan 4×4 system, John McKee, has been installing the conversion system for over twenty years. He developed the Quadvan 4×4 system out of a personal necessity for a 4×4 vehicle, but with all of the characteristics found in a van. He began engineering a system on the side while running an automotive shop. Eventually, the system was made for his personal preference in vans, the Ford Econoline series. 

McKee discovered a solid market and recognized that by staying true with original Ford parts, he could maintain Ford’s factory warranty and that the 4×4 vans would be 100% serviceable through Ford dealer service departments, or any private auto repair facility. From the beginning on, Quadvan conversions have utilized all original, over-the-counter available, and unmodified Ford parts.

Quadvan’s original conversion product included the proprietary IFS (Independent Front Suspension) System which allowed Quadvan to lead the 4×4 conversion market for years with superior ride characteristics, a better turning radius, and improved suspension performanceAlthough the IFS System is no longer being manufactured, it is part of the foundation that Quadvan’s reputation is built on as it thoroughly met the needs of so many enthusiasts; and also served the commercial and industrial requirements for 4×4 vans.

The Quadvan Econoline product line has continually improved and has now reached a plateau of near perfection. With the facelift of the 2008 Econoline models and the F-Series solid axle front suspension, Quadvan’s conversions have remained relevant for the past decade and hopefully will be for years to come. 


Where Quadvan Is Today

Quadvan hasn’t stopped at the Econoline. Since Ford released the Transit in 2015, Quadvan has continued to be a popular name in the 4×4 world. McKee knew that, to stay in the game, he needed to move on to uncharted territories and design a 4×4 system again, except this time for the Transit. 

Before McKee even finalized a 4×4 conversion design, Quadvan already had an overwhelming amount of Transit orders to fill. However, Quadvan did not disappoint and once the design was complete, Transits were being quickly converted and delivered. 

Quadvan stayed true to its roots and still uses all factory Ford parts in the conversions. This, like the Econoline, allows customers to retain the factory warranty on their Transits. More than the system itself, Quadvan has made accessories that are designed to fit in with the conversion parts such skid plates and the popular hidden front hitch.

While Quadvan is still converting Econolines, Transits are a more common sight in the shop. Having been featured by popular companies and YouTube personalities like Gerber Gear and Wranglerstar, the Quadvan 4×4 system is loved all around. Not only has it been featured at the Ford booth at SEMA, but also shown off at events such as SHOT show. Quadvan has gained an evident popularity.