Quadvan Products

The Quadvan

The Quadvan conversion dares its owner to push it to the extreme. A Quadvan allows its user to power through difficult terrain, haul all their gear, and bring along their family and friends for the adventure. One could easily be found in a secluded spot, with all their camping gear, and with their crew. Hitting the less travelled trails is one of the few abilities of the Quadvan. With the Quadvan, there’s no place one can’t go whether it’s on the volcanoes of Hawaii, the ice fields of Antarctica, or in the jungles of South America.


Camping is a great way to spend time away from society. Some camping spots are harder to reach than others but with a Quadvan, none of it is hard. The Quadvan alone allows you to travel to your destination, but a converted camper will allow you to enjoy that destination in comfort. Click here for more information.


Spending a lot of time away from home is tough, especially in a vehicle not suited for harsh road conditions. When your motorhome has Quadvan conversion, you can rest assured knowing that you can tackle any weather, any time. When traveling a snowy road or a gravel path, your family and friends will have that extra notch of safety built in to your Quadvan. Take your motorhome places you never thought you could go. Click here for more information.

Wheelchair Vans

Self-discovery lies in the ability to reach beyond your means, to tackle your dreams, and see your goals through to the end. Quadvan is here to empower you to take the road less travelled, which is always more fun in 4×4! Get your wheelchair accessible van converted to 4×4 so the adventure is limitless.                             Click here for more information.

Buses & Transports

When your company’s primary obligation to customers is transportation and you experience issues such as adverse weather or lack of roads, Quadvan is there to help with business. Quadvan’s are suited to travel through any harsh conditions and paths whether it be transporting students in Alaska, or touring the volcanoes of Hawaii. Click here for more information.

Commercial Vans

Some jobs are harder to get to than others. Don’t turn customers away due to the inability to reach them. Quadvan’s can reach your customer before anybody else can. Whether your customer is at a hard to reach location, or the city is taking on a now storm, Quadvan will help you continue on with business. The fears of an injured employee or high accident costs will be reduced thanks to Quadvan. Click here for more information.


Emergency rescue vehicles are a class of their own and a 4×4 could not be more vital. It is up to you to be where you are needed no matter the weather or conditions. How else can you guarantee you can get there then by outfitting your ambulance fleet with a Quadvan conversion. Quadvan’s experience and record on serviceability make it not only affordable upfront, but also in the long run.