Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Quadvan different from other conversion companies?

First of all, Quadvan has John McKee running the show, that speaks for itself. Besides that, we use all brand new, warrantied Ford parts. This allows us to convert a new van and retain the Ford warranty. 

Because of the standard F-Series assembly in the Econoline conversion, they are easily recognizable by any Ford service department. The Econoline conversion was also approved by Ford’s crash test.

What makes and models does Quadvan convert?

Quadvan converts only Ford vehicles.

All full-sized Transits in diesel and gas; and dually configurations. This excludes the Transit Connect.

All Econolines/E-Series that are 2000 and newer.

How long does a Quadvan conversion take?

Once the vehicle is in the shop, it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to fully convert and accessorize it.

Does the conversion come with a manual or automatic shift?

A basic Transit conversion comes with a manual shifter and auto hubs. At an extra cost, we can install and manual hub switch.

A basic Econoline conversion comes with a manual shifter and manual hubs. At an extra cost, we can install a shift on the fly system.

What parts does Quadvan use in their conversions?

We use only 100% new factory Ford parts in all of our conversions. We get our parts directly from Ford to keep your vehicle OEM.

Does a Quadvan conversion invalidate my warranty?

If your vehicle is brand new from Ford, your warranty stays. Our conversions don’t invalidate the warranty.

Can I choose what wheels and tires are put on my converted van?

Yes, but they have to be specific.

The Transit conversion does not require a change in wheels and tires, however, per customer’s request, we can install custom wheels and tires. The biggest tire on a Transit can be either 245/75×16 or 245/70×17. A change to bigger sizes on the Transit will void the Ford warranty.

Econoline conversions must have a wheel change which, as a part of the basic conversion, will be changed to a 265/70×17. That is, the wheel will go from 16 inches to 17 inches. The biggest tire on the Econoline can be a 35 inch.

What is the lift on a converted vehicle?

For Transit conversions, the lift is ~2.25 inches.

For Econoline conversions, the lift is ~4 inches.

Will my speedometer be affected?

On the Transit, if the tire size is changed per customer’s request, the speedometer can be off by 7% at most.

The Econoline conversion does not have a change in the speedometer.

How much weight will the conversion add to my vehicle?

Transits have an added 270 pounds.

Econolines have an added 375 pounds.

What is the longest motorhome that Quadvan can convert?

The length of motorhomes for conversion is limited to 25 feet.

Can Quadvan ship accessories to me or install them on my non-converted van?


We have decided to restrict our accessories to in-shop installations for Quadvan conversion owners. We used to ship accessories, and install them into non-Quadvan 4×4 vans. We stopped this practice because our exclusive accessories are specifically made for Quadvans. Installing them on non-Quadvans brings up many complications and shipping accessories for self installation leads to problems outside of our control.