The Quadvan Transit

The Transit is an all around machine for whatever it’s put it through. Some choose to use its spacious interior and 4×4 upgrade to go camping in remote locations. Others choose to wheel it through the deserts and mountains. Being a different animal from the Econoline, the Transit can be used in limitless configurations beyond the Econoline. 

The Conversion

Quality is what Quadvan is most known for. Through the conversion process, the Transit adopts brand new F150 components, namely the F150/Raptor front differential, axle assembly, transfer case, rack and pinion, and vacuum actuated hubs. The Quadvan Transit maintains the factory wheel bolt pattern and utilizes stock shocks. Quadvan’s custom knuckles gives the Transit a 2” lift which is leveled out in the rear with factory Ford lift blocks. Lastly, the three-piece driveline is replaced with a custom two-piece driveline with serviceable joints. With all this, the Quadvan Transit has a tighter turning radius and better steering geometry than a factory 2WD Transit. Whatever the Quadvan Transit is used for, it will take it on with ease.