Kevin F, Fairfax, VA

I have driven several types of 4×4 vans and Quadvan offers the best ride, second to none. I looked for a 4×4 van company that cared about its product and the customers, and that is why I went with Quad Van. I picked up my 4×4 Van October of 2007 and had it shipped out to the Washington DC area. We have been enjoying it ever since. Also, having five kids the van has been great for us. The handling on the Van makes it a pleasure to drive if we are headed to the Blue Ridge Moutains for the weekend or just to Costco to stock up on supplies. The Van has been unstoppable in all types of weather. I am really glad I had it this winter (2010) with two massive snow storms back to back, the van plowed through the snow with ease. Keep it up guys, you do fantastic work!