Quadvan’s Transit Accessories

Disclaimer: Quadvan only installs accessories in the shop during 4×4 conversions. No shipping of products available.

Skid Plates

Intercooler, differential, gas tank, and transfer case skid plates are all exclusively available at Quadvan to protect the underbelly from any damage.

Intercooler Skid Plate – $360

Differential Skid Plate – $250

Gas Tank Skid Plate – $500

Transfer Case Skid Plate – $250

Front Hitch Receiver and Hooks

Quadvan’s custom front hitch receiver with Ford Hooks to mount anything on the front of the Transit or pull itself out of a ditch.

Front Hitch Receiver – $400

Ford Hooks – $25 (each)

High Clearance Rear Shock Mounts

Quadvan designed relocation brackets for the rear shocks that double as both shock raisers and skid plates to get that extra clearance and protection for the rear shocks.

Rear Shock Mount Relocation Brackets – $250