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Customer Comments

“The boys at Quadvan really go the extra mile when it comes to providing the best options available and John is a wizard when it comes to customizing. He designed and fabricated a front grill guard that is truly a piece of art along with a custom sliding door extension to allow for the fabulous side flairs he custom sized just perfectly. Thanks again for making my windsurfing van one of the finest I have ever seen or driven!”


If I were to breakdown anywhere, I can easily go to any Ford dealer parts counter and get any part needed to get back on the road. The guys at QuadVan are very good at what they do. Not only do they fabricate, but can also fix or improve just about anything on your van!

Dan Brown

How stoked am I on my new Quadvan? Let me count the ways. So far we have: Gone 4 wheeling to 3 swimming holes with 3 kids and wife. Climbed to 9,000 ft in the high Sierras, dragging a 3,000 lb off-road trailer (the only campers on Lost Lake!). Spent 3 hours stuck on Interstate 5 in over 100 degree heat waiting for an accident to clear (Air-conditioning, DVD movies, kids playing on tri-fold bed, and room for the cooler too). And I haven’t even gone surfing in Baja yet!

Kevin Murphy, Hermosa Beach, CA

My brother recently bought one of your vans. I drove it up the Shafer Trail and down/up Mineral Bottom access near Moab to retrieve Sam and friends from a float trip on the Green River. Loved it – amazing off-road handling for such a versatile vehicle. With a new daughter, I’m considering buying one for us. Still in the thinking stage (and need to convince the wife), but would appreciate getting your newsletter and any news on used extended cargo conversions with 4WD. Thanks!

Jack Mulder – Tillamook, OR

Got my 4×4 Quadvan Aug-07. Since then the van has been to mainland Mexico twice a year, 4k round trip, without a problem. Nice to have the security of 4×4 while driving the coast route and the ready availability of Ford parts if something does happen

FredS, Salinas, CA

I had a my 2005 V10 12 passenger van converted by QuadVan in April of 08. Since then I’ve put about 15K on it with absolutely no issues.The more I use it the more I love it! Working with everyone at QuadVan was unusual! They listened, they gave me good avice, they answered all my questions…even the dumb ones. They completed the conversion on the day they said they would. No hassles,no mistakes…remarkable!

Chris Thwaites, Santa Rosa,CA

This is our 2nd QuadVan we have purchased, so this praise report is long overdue. We rack up many miles on our vans (our 1st one accumulated almost 100,000 miles in just 2 years)and QuadVan’s workmanship and quality of construction still felt like new after all the miles we put on it. These were not easy miles either… Many of our customers live in log cabin like places on very bad roads in the mountain pass. Mud, snow, dirt, and pot holes, you name it – our vans performed flawlessly. All this and they are easy to drive. Having one of these vans leaves you never wanting anything else, but a QuadVan. It does it all… work, play, towing, camping, etc. And they look cool too! Money very well invested. Thanks!

Tim S. – TV Specialty Shop, Eugene,OR

So far: over 400 nights in our 2004 5.4L V8 GTRV camperized Quadvan conversion done in Spring 07. 60,000 miles, 3 extended trips deep into Mex, countless sandy and rocky beaches, river crossings, BC logging roads and our surfmobile is good as new. The customer service is the best I’ve had on any purchase in my life. Thanks to Quadvan for helping my family live this dream. Here’s to another 400 nights and 3 more trips before our next Quadvan!

James, Squamish, BC Canada

I have driven several types of 4×4 vans and Quadvan offers the best ride, second to none. I looked for a 4×4 van company that cared about its product and the customers, and that is why I went with Quad Van. I picked up my 4×4 Van October of 2007 and had it shipped out to the Washington DC area. We have been enjoying it ever since. Also, having five kids the van has been great for us. The handling on the Van makes it a pleasure to drive if we are headed to the Blue Ridge Moutains for the weekend or just to Costco to stock up on supplies. The Van has been unstoppable in all types of weather. I am really glad I had it this winter (2010) with two massive snow storms back to back, the van plowed through the snow with ease. Keep it up guys, you do fantastic work!

Kevin F, Fairfax, VA

Fine work QuadVan does! John put together ours resembling (lifted) factory in every way. Trails, camping and pulling a trailer the QuadVan comes through. Steers well and turns tight. QuadVan will set up from basic to very deluxe in 4×4 adventure needs. We motor all over the west and have 35,000 miles in two years on our van! Thank you to John & Blaine!

Ernie H, Redmond Wa