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The original designer of the QuadVan 4wd system, John McKee, has been installing QuadVan 4WD Conversion Systems for over ten years. He developed the QuadVan 4WD system out of a personal necessity for a 4WD van with all of the characteristics found in a 2WD van. He recognized that by keeping with original Ford parts he could maintain Ford’s factory warranty and that the 4×4 Vans would be 100% serviceable through Ford Dealer Service Departments, or any private auto repair facility. From the beginning and continuing through now, our 4×4 Conversions have utilized all original, over the counter available, unmodified Ford parts.

Our original conversion product included our proprietary IFS (Independent Front Suspension) Systems. Although the IFS System is no longer being manufactured, it is part of the foundation our reputation is built on as it thoroughly met the needs of so many enthusiasts, and also served the commercial and industrial requirements for 4×4 Vans.

Despite the economy over the past couple of years, we continue to grow. Our product line has continually improved and has now reached a plateau of near perfection. With the facelift in the 09 Ford models, the product line drive train looks set to be fairly well standardized for the next decade. With the quality, safety and ruggedness of the 09 & Newer F-Series Solid Axle Front Suspension our conversions will remain relevant and required for years to come.


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