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Oregon is a Big Playground for Custom 4×4 Vans!

Custom 4×4 Van Destinations Are Found All Over Oregon

Ask any owner of  a custom 4×4 van, and they will tell you that life in the Pacific Northwest is excellent. It is the home of some of the finest mud, snow and sand offroading in a van, truck or SUV that sports a 4×4 conversion kit. If variety is the spice of life, then Oregon is a very tasty meal for any offroad enthusiast.

Here is a look at some of the most exciting 4×4 van, 4×4 truck and other 4×4 vehicle destinations in Oregon.

Pound Some Sand in a Custom 4×4 Van


Oregon is famous for its coast line and forests, but there is plenty of sandy, desert terrain across the state. If you have not been to Sandlake, it is worth a look. This excellent offroading area spans more than 1,000 acres and is a national hot spot for dune enthusiasts. Check out the permitting rules before you take a Pacific City 4×4 trip.


Oregon Dunes

This officially recognized national recreation area includes 40 miles of dunes and is a great place to try out your new custom 4×4 van or any vehicle with a 4×4 conversion. Florence 4×4 drivers and Coos Bay 4×4 vehicle owners are lucky to have this in their backyard!

Oregon 4×4 truck and 4×4 SUV fun in the snow


From November through early March, there is usually snow in Central and Southern Oregon. Rolling some snow in your converted 4×4 van or other vehicle in an area not designated for wheeling shenanigans is unsafe — and usually a traffic ticket waiting to happen. Go climb Goat Mountain’s off highway area near Mt. Hood or check out McGrew Trail near the California border for some excellent 4×4 fun in the snow that will not get you arrested.

Fling mud with a 4×4 conversion

The list of muddy trails in Oregon is long. Browns Camp and Trask Mountain make for great Tillamook 4×4 riding. Deschutes 4×4 fans have several trails to choose from, whether heading toward the Santiam Pass or to Mt. Bachelor. Millican Valley is also a hot spot for Bend 4×4 vans, Prineville 4×4 trucks and more.

In fact, it is probably just best to speak with the custom 4×4 van experts at QuadVan to learn more about places you can have offroad fun in Oregon!

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