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4X4 Motorhomes – by Northwest QuadVan

The Big Wheels – Your 4×4 Motor Home

4×4 Motorhomes allow you to consistently get away from it all – and still be home! Now with a 4×4 motorhome conversion, you can be the only one still moving over the top of the mountain pass when the temperatures start dropping! You can be sure, in the morning after a hard rain when the dirt has turned to mud, your campground will not become a spider web and keep you stuck. In 4 wheel drive there will be no basic terrain you can’t handle – and when the destination requires more tricky terrain, dirt, mud, gravel, snow, sand – you won’t have anyproblems! Take your quads, snowmobiles, trucks anywhere you want too – any season.

Our 4X4 Motorhomes – Stopping Power and Suspension

The bigger your rig, the more important the brakes become? Why when you are going down the backside of a mountain, you will be on the brakes the majority of the time. This heats them up tremendously, and unfortunately normal brakes can overheat and lose utility – which is a dangerous situation. Our 4×4 Class C Motorhomes are fitted with a higher rated weight capacity brake than the standard Econoline brake pads to make it more likely you’ll be able to stop in the most crucial situations.

With Ford’s F350/E350 front axle, control arms, track bar, sway bar, and steering linkage,the 4×4 Class C’s are given a tighter turning radius for better handling and stability. With improved suspension and travel, plus a wheel and tire upgrade, your ride becomes amazingly comfortable and much safer.

Just imagine the year round capabilities one of our 4×4 Motorhomes can offer you—spring and summer boating, fall trips to the lake for fishing, winter snow skiing, year long ATV riding. You’ll be one of the only people able to make it to the ski lodge – before the roads have been sanded, conditions allowing.

4X4 Motorhome Conversion – Engineered for Serviceability

“If I were to breakdown anywhere, I can easily go to any Ford dealer parts counter and get any part needed to get back on the road. The guys at QuadVan are very good at what they do. Not only do they fabricate, but can also fix or improve just about anything on your van!” –Dan Brown

Also, just like our other products, we make serviceability a top priority. All of our 4×4 Class C’s use Factory Ford components so you can easily find replacements.

When you are in your home away from home – serviceability is going to be a top concern. Our competition custom modifies their parts, so only someone trained by them (or AT LEAST in communication with) can actually affect repairs. This customization costs you tremendously in the long run.


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4×4 Motorhomes by Northwest QuadVan – Your Proven Solution.

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