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Mixing Chevy and Ford Conversion Kit Products? NO WAY!

Reasons Ford conversion kits should stick with OEM

If you are ready for a Ford conversion kit, QuadVan is ready to help. However, Pacific Northwest conversion kits for 4×4 vans, 4×4 trucks, 4×4 SUVs and other 4×4 vehicles face a pretty unique issue to automotive engineering. A 4×4 owner must decide which parts manufacturer they like, and then stick with that same manufacturer for all the parts.

Mixing and matching 4×4 conversion parts is a risky move. Chevy, Jeep and most other names in the custom and replacement auto parts complement each other in the scope of an entire conversion kit. Individual parts, however, do not play nice with others.

Here is a look at the upside and downside of using Chevy and Ford conversion kit products together.

Parts are unlikely to work together

There are standard sizes for transfer cases, control arms front axles and so forth. A Chevy header pipe is not likely to work with a Ford exhaust manifold, for example. The difference in specs between makes, models and years is a big reason that sticking with a single original equipment manufacturer — or OEM — is the smart move.

Ford conversion kit warranty issues

Using aftermarket parts typically nullifies any warranty or service agreement you have in place. Even if your Ford 4×4 conversion van has a blend of parts from multiple manufacturers working together, they could still fail. Common reasons for parts failure include:

  • Lack of maintenance
  • Poor quality of part to begin with
  • Traffic collision
  • Vandalism


Most 4×4 drivers take great care of their vehicles, and they know that ordering a low-quality part is a bad idea. However, traffic accidents happen, and so does vandalism. Damage to non-OEM parts means no certified Ford garage will honor your warranty or service guarantee.

Understanding OEM

It is important for 4×4 vehicle owners to know the difference between actual OEM parts and meeting OEM standards. There are several mechanic garages and parts retailers that will market their parts with an OEM label on it, saying the part meets the manufacturing standards for a certain make or model.

However, that does not guarantee that the parts are  are actually made by the manufacturer. It just means the knock-off part meets the minimum requirement set by the original manufacturer.

QuadVan uses Ford parts for every component of a conversion, meaning you could take the van to any licensed Ford shop and have it serviced. Learn more about the value of using actual OEM parts by contacting our Portland 4×4 conversion experts.

2 thoughts on “Mixing Chevy and Ford Conversion Kit Products? NO WAY!

  1. Paul Bates says:

    Can you convert a Chevy or ford cut a way van chassis to 4×4 for an ambulance mount? We need an 450 rated unit. Gvwr needs to be around 16000 lbs.
    Cost estimate? Ball park figure is close enough for now.
    We are looking to replace a unit within the next 18 months.

  2. craig woods says:

    4×4 transit whats the time frame and how high is the 4×4 lift

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