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4X4 Contractor Vans – by Northwest QuadVan

4×4 Contractor Vans – All Terrains, All Conditions

Some projects require a little more power or tools to get the job done right. No matter if you are a roofer, plummer or general contractor, Northwest QuadVan has you covered. With our 4×4 Vehicles, it is possible to get through any terrain or weather conditions. When the forest is too thick for a helicopter landing or air support is otherwise not available – a 4 wheel drive vehicle with a winch, hardy rims, off-road tires, and a higher ground clearance is what may be needed to save the day.

Whether you need to purchase a new 4×4 vehicle or upgrade your existing fleet with our conversion options, we can help. The initial cost of a conversion usually makes a vehicle less than 15% more expensive. Initial costs are very reasonable for the solid increase in terrain-handling ability.

QuadVan keeps service and maintenance costs dramatically lower than for any other 4×4 conversion provider in the industry through our use of Factory Ford components. Our competition’s use of custom parts and custom repair procedures make nearly every service expensive specialty work – while just about any mechanic facility in the country can handle a QuadVan with no additional training and without contacting us.

Let us know what you need your vehicles to be able to do and we’ll either upgrade your existing inventory or create the perfect 4×4 conversion vehicle for you – so you can be where you are needed, when you are needed. Quadvan also offers the 4×4 Van Accessories you need to make your vehicle the ultimate rig for your business, including:

    • Interior tool racks
    • Roof racks
    • Roof cargo boxes
    • And more!!!

Visit our 4X4 Van Accessories online store for more details!

Need a new 4×4 Contractor Van – or a new fleet? Try our New 4×4 Van Dropship Program to preserve the warranty on new vehicles.


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