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When Passenger Safety is Priority #1 – 4×4 Buses

Do you need a Crew Bus that can make it through the long stretches of snow and ice in the winter time without getting stuck? Need a reliable shuttle bus for transporting employees working for you in possibly dangerous weather conditions? Then a Quadvan 4X4 Bus is the right choice for you.

Prevent Mother Nature from taking money from your pocket. When the weather is at its worse, business can be at its best. That’s why having a 4X4 vehicle you can rely on is crucial to doing successful business in the winter. No matter what your local weather, our buses can help you and your team get where you’re going.

Just like our 4×4 conversion vans, our conversion buses have an improved suspension, a tighter turning radius, and greater ground clearance. This means the mobility and maneuverability of your 4×4 Bus will be outstanding. An all season, all weather bus can make your travels hassle free and give your loved ones piece of mind knowing you have the right vehicle for the job. Don’t get stuck with any old bus, get a QuadVan 4X4 Bus or conversion and discover the freedom having a 4 wheel drive can bring you.

Business Continuity is Transportation in All Weather

It also means less chance of being stuck on the side of the road for long periods of time. You’ll get where you need to be without all the headaches. Clients whose work you get done, even in bad weather, are more likely to use your services again or continuously, At Quadvan we want to make sure your vehicle is not the reason for any loss of business.

Quadvan conversions are recognized for being high quality as well as the best engineered system available. The durability and safety of our vehicles are top concerns for us. Rest assured that all of our Quadvan 4×4 Buses are made with your safety in mind. Give us the specs of what you need your Quadvan to be able to do, the hauling/towing capacity needed, and we’ll make the perfect 4×4 conversion bus for you.

At Quadvan, we understand the importance of serviceability. That’s why we use more Factory Ford Certified components than anyone else in the industry. This means your Quadvan 4×4 Bus will be easy to repair because replacement parts will be available through your local Ford dealership. This helps keep your long term costs low.



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